Siddhika Ghose Chaudhuri

Mentor, Partner

Being one of the very few young woman entrepreneurs of Kolkata, I’m glad to be associated myself with KSE, to inspire and welcome young students to this spectacular industry! Hospitality is a booming industry with job opportunities in all segments, countries etc., hence in order to succeed in this industry, you must believe that you can! Having an education background in Hospitality and running a Successful Restaurant in Kolkata I believe that “If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.” which is how KSE helps you take the right step into the industry & takes your career forward. When I take interviews I look for a confident, presentable and knowledgeable candidate, hence we have given “personality development” of great importance at KSE. At KSE we take seeds and plant them, water them and nurture them into blooming flowers!

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