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If you want to set an example of a successful career in hospitality management, where your excellence is the result of doing things differently, KSE is the place you want to be in. We at KSE strive to provide you with an education in hospitality that will teach you everything books alone cannot. We aim to provide professional education programmes and related services of the highest quality and standards of excellence.

Courses offered are at par with international standards. Through our practical workshops and assignments, our focus of learning is always on giving students the real-life knowledge that will help them secure a headstart in their profession and be a success in their chosen career.

Internship Abroad

Internship overseas gives our students the professional advantage and global skills that they need and it helps them succeed in the chosen career.

100% Job Placement

At KSE we provide 100% Job Placement to our students in India & abroad. Student discover a new way of life and have an experience of a lifetime.

“With determination and perseverance, everyone can fulfil their aspirations and goals”

Subrata Ghose Chaudhuri, Mentor

Our Vision

To make a contribution to the world of hospitality, by providing excellent education and training to create a niche of Hospitality Professionals.

Our Mission

To provide value-based learning and skill development which helps the youth to take their career forward in the field of hospitality.

Meet Our Mentors

KSE is run by the wisdom and passion of our mentors

International Faculty

103 Andrew

Andrew Eilers

My goal is to develop leaders of integrity for a positive impact in India. My areas of expertise comprise Team Building, Vision-casting, Values-based leading and Cross cultural Leadership. I look forward to investing in KSE students so they become more effective and influential values-based leaders.

Zach Meese

Worked for 20 years in youth and professional leadership development. I have contributed significantly to the depth of culture knowledge and experience in training across 3 countries - US, Bangladesh and India. ``I am enthusiastic to make a lasting impression on KSE students, who will receive well-rounded training in hospitality``.

Krystal Group


Krystal Chopstick

Serving authentic Chinese cuisine, the group’s oldest venture has consistently been one of the most popular fine-dining restaurants in Kolkata.

Tero Parbon

Providing rich experience of Bengali-cuisine at pocket-friendly prices, the Krystal Group added another feature in its cap. This restaurant was conceptualised to provide a culturally significant Bengali experience to its diners.

The Wise Owl Steakhouse

The latest gift to Kolkata from the Krystal group, The Wise Owl Steakhouse gave the meat-lovers of Kolkata a venue to enjoy various cuts of steak that were previously a privilege to only those who got to travel the West.

Rare Earth Farms & Homestay

Nestled in the lap of nature, beside a Santal (tribal) village, a short distance from Shantiniketan & Visva Bharati University, Rare Earth Farms & Homestay is an initiative to sustain Rare Earth Foundation, a non-profit seeking organization working for the development of local under privileged people.

The Wise Owl Coffee Shop

Launched in 2012, The Krystal Group's favourite outlet, Wise Owl The Coffee Shop gave the people of Kolkata a never-before cafe experience. This restaurant boasts of a quaint setting in the form of a fenced, white-washed outdoor seating area. The interior is equally fun with the warm hues of a tan flooring, walnut-brown furniture and innumerable owls on display.
Grand Affairs

Grand Affairs Events & Catering

In 2014, the Krystal group expanded it boundaries with an innovative event management and catering company, dedicated to exquisite cuisine and fantastic service. Grand Affairs, with its team of highly qualified professionals, caters to all kinds of special occasions – weddings, cocktail parties, birthdays, award functions and other corporate events.

Krystal Group's Associations