Hotel & tourism

International Hotel Management & Tourism

Duration: 3 Years
This course focuses on the management of Food & Beverage, Rooms Division & Tourism aspects of the Hospitality Industry from both technical & practical perspective. It gives you an opportunity to acquire the skills & knowledge needed to secure a management position within the global hospitality industry. By developing a strong management background the students attain transferable skills that help them take their careers in Hotels, Airlines, Cruise Liners, Travel & Tourism etc. The course is divided in to three levels. In the first level we emphasize on the fundamentals of the four major departments of the hotel industry and basics of tourism. The second level is organized to lay greater importance on practical aspects. In the third level we aim to hone the student’s managerial abilities & operational skills where the student are prepared in depth on specific areas of specialization he/she has chosen. Within the purview of the four major departments students will be taught about the various aspects of travel & tourism management.

Excellence in Hospitality

Duration: 1 Year
This is a comprehensive course into the World of Hospitality that offers students to step into the industry with basic Hotel Management knowledge & skills. The course is structured with the primary learning objective to develop students with hands on training and step into the industry with basic practical and functional knowledge. This course is divided into three trimesters. The first trimester focuses on the four major departments of the hospitality industry. At KSE we ensure students get a real time exposure and orientation for which they are trained in our very own hotel, restaurants and kitchens. To build the student’s competencies and experience and deepen their practical skills and leadership skills, the second trimester is designed with a practical approach, where students undergo an intensive five star internship. After gaining theoretical and practical knowledge the last trimester focuses on grooming the student for the industry based on the specialization he or she has chosen.

Excellence in Culinary Arts & Patisserie

Duration: 18 Months
This course features world-class culinary skill development by experiential learning opportunities in live training kitchens, bake labs, cafes & restaurants with optional international internship. The course is specially designed to extend practical food production techniques that are required for students to excel in this field. The course is divided in two semesters; the first semester focuses on basic food production knowledge, culinary skills, teamwork, bakery and the working of a fully functional kitchen. The second semester develops the student’s fundamental understanding of international and national cuisines after they have gained a basic knowledge in semester one. After the successful completion of the two semesters students are qualified for a paid industrial internship in India or abroad.
Bar Tendind

Excellence in Food & Beverage Management

Duration: 1 Year
This course is a perfect mix of classroom & industrial experience that is required to train & equip students with the knowledge & skill that stand in need of becoming a successful bartender. At KSE our ultimate goal is to give students the best bartending education possible that will transform them into a confident and professional bartender in a short space of time. This course not only focuses on professional bartending but also grooms the student to enhance their employability and social skills. Students also undergo a 4 months industrial training behind state of the art bar stations making drinks and learning how to free pour, flair, make cocktails and handle a busy bar.

Other Sessions

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The Leader in You

Leadership skill development and building self confidence

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