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SULA Wine Tasting Session

Krystal School of Excellence in association with Sula Vineyards organized a wine tasting session at the institute campus on 16.03.22.
Soham Poddar, Manager –Tastings, conducted the session. The students were briefed about the methods of procuring and creating wine, wine production in India, serving specifications and pairing it with different types of food. The students also learnt about the process of tasting and various flavors of wine. The flavors of the day were Sula Brut sparkling wine, Sula Sauvignon Blanc, Sula Zinfandel Rosé and Sula Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon.
The students found the session very unique and knowledgeable at the same time. They enjoyed the tasting sessions and the different flavors.


4 May, 2022

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