Tea Tasting Session

Tea is the second most widely consumed drink in the world after water. It is one of the most important aspects to learn in the world of hospitality. From the far east to the old west, from Siberia to South Africa tea is drunk everywhere. Tea is praised for its complexity and respected for its simplicity. Today numerous variety of tea from across the world are available in the hotel industry for the guests.

The tea tasting session at KSE allows students to experience several varieties of tea right from Darjeeling first flush, kashmiri kahwa tea to oolong tea and other green teas . A professional tea tasting session was conducted using proper equipments. Students were taught to use tea tasting cups , tea timer to learn proper brewing of tea. To understand the complexity of tea, students were also encouraged to taste and smell the varities of tea in order to understand the different aromas of tea. A colourful set up was made where a professional tea taster explained each flavour and colour of the different types of tea.


2 March, 2022

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